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Your kids can stay connected to their child-like creativity through yoga 

Do you ever find yourself jealous of your kids’ endless energy and joy for life? Their curious souls never seem to worry about judgement or failure, they just let their imagination run wild and they live in a state of creativity and openness.

Maybe it’s not jealousy you feel, maybe it’s more of a nostalgia, because you know you used to live in the same state. As children we were all creative, free souls – before the worries and stresses of the world crept in, we were all connected to our inner source of creative energy.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing gift if you could teach your children how to hold onto this creative energy, before they find themselves all grown up, with the realities of the busy world in their way.

I was reminded of this unlimited source of energy when I had the pleasure of attending a beautiful workshop at Kai Yoga Mosman which combined two of my favourite things: Yoga & Writing. 

Through the breath work, moving meditation and holding postures of yoga we prepared our minds to open to our creative energy. To not push or strain against creative blocks, but to harness our inner power and be open to flow. To remove judgement and embrace our own unique creativity.

The truth is we are all creative beings, we create ripple effects in the world every day by the energy we put out. We create our own realities through our thought’s words and actions, and then there is our creative expression that may be in the form of art, hobbies or our work. Although we are always creating, sometimes we lose our connection to our creative ability and we forget it is always within us, ready to be harnessed at any time.

Through yoga I felt the grounding of being within my body. By moving our bodies in certain ways, we release energy blocks, and we can shift what doesn’t serve us and physically open ourselves to connect with universal creativity and inspiration.

There is an unlimited potential we can share with our kids, to harness this understanding before their busy minds and worlds get in the way. If they can stay connected to their child like creative energy through yoga and maintain this connection into adulthood, they will be better equipped to live lives of pure creativity. Of happiness in fulfilling what they came here to create. Of knowing themselves in a way that many of us seem to have lost. They won’t have to get lost and re-find themselves, they can know themselves from the start. They can create abundance, joy, love and happiness. They can follow their unique hearts, gifts and talents. 

For so many of us it’s a level of life we are struggling to get back to, yoga can give your kids the gift of never losing it.

Written by Julie Temple, author of Secrets for Little Souls 

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