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Shout out to you Mamas and Dad’s doing your best to raise conscious kids. We’re at a moment in time when our generation and the next can create massive positive change in the world and live lives full of happiness and unlimited potential. BUT you’ve probably noticed there are many challenges to overcome in our modern world, and our little ones will have to navigate through them as they grow into independent souls on their own journey through life.

Here’s 5 reasons why practicing yoga from a young age will be their secret super power 

1. Yoga will teach your child to love their body, before society teaches them not to

You’ve probably noticed one of the hardest things to do is give yourself the love and acceptance you deserve. There is a strong message in our society that your worth is based upon how you look. This has led us to see exercise as a way to create an external image of beauty, the truth is, exercise should be about keeping your body healthy because you love and appreciate it. 

Yoga practice is about exercise and movement from a place of self-love. Of loving your body so much that you want to nurture and respect it, and to create longevity because your life is so precious and valuable that you want it to be a long one!

Through yoga, your conscious little ones can learn this lesson before being bombarded with all the messages that tell them they have to look a certain way to be worthy.


2. Practicing yoga from an early age helps to sync the mind and body before the connection is lost

More and more research is coming to light about the connection between our minds and bodies. It’s a two-way communication that is always ‘on’. If you can help your little one understand this connection from a young age, they will be in a much better position to manage their physical and mental health later in life. Your body is always communicating with you and telling you what it needs, and it’s also always listening to your self-talk. In our noisy, modern world this connection can be lost, especially if we aren’t aware of it from a young age.

Yoga is the practice of combining mind and body, of bringing them into sync and honouring this connection. 

3. Happiness is found in the moment 

This is one kids know WAY better than we do, until they grow up and life gets in the way.

I’m sure you know the feelings of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Both emotional states take you out of the joy of simply being and embracing the moment in front of you. As a parent you want to teach your kids how to cultivate happiness each day, learning how to appreciate the moment is a wonderful way to do this.

When you practice yoga, there is a silence and a turning within. It brings an understanding that all you have is the present moment. This helps to manage those emotions that want to take your energy to the past or future.

The skill of being mindful and present from an early age will help your kids build gratitude for life’s blessings and resilience through life’s challenges.

4. Yoga gives kids the tool to manage stress, before stress becomes an issue 

The silent underlying issue of so many of our adult problems is stress, I’m sure you’ve felt it! Our world is noisy, full of pressures and distractions and often it can feel that you’re being pulled a million ways. This is the world your kids are growing up in and it’s unlikely to get quieter. It’s essential your kids have the tools they need to cope with stress. 

It’s heart breaking to hear of the rates of depression and anxiety continuing to rise and affecting children of younger ages. 

The breath work, postures and moving meditation of yoga is an amazing tool to manage stress, if your little ones have this in their survival tool kit from a young age, they will be much better able to overcome the challenges of our stressful world. 

5. Yoga gives your child the ultimate gift – truly knowing themselves 

Life is a continued journey to self-awareness. The more you can know and understand yourself, the better you can treat yourself and others. When you’re on autopilot, moving through busy schedules and to do lists, you can quickly disconnect from things that make you happy, things that inspire you and the life you want to create for yourself. 

Through self-awareness and connecting within, you can gain back clarity on what truly brings you joy and what your authentic values are.

Yoga allows you to connect within on a soulful level, to become aware of the life force within you, to awaken your intuition and to raise your vibration. 

Imagine giving your child these gifts from an early age, for them to be able to deeply connect with these elements of themselves and carry that connection throughout their lives. It’s truly the most important lesson they need, and they can find it right there, on their yoga mat.

Written by Julie Temple, author of Secrets for Little Souls 




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