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4 ways you can supplement an outdated school system to set your kids up for an amazing life…

I’m sure you’ve heard that the school system is out dated and no longer serves the needs of our children or sets them up for the time we currently live in, let alone beyond it.

The reason it’s outdated is simply because it’s based off the process of memory, kids are tested on their ability to learn and retain information – but is that still needed now we have unlimited information at our finger tips? (aka google)

Much like any large, outdated institution it will be a long time before the school system is recreated to serve children in the generations to come, until then here are some ways you can supplement your child’s education to set them up for a lifetime of happiness:

  1. Encourage creativity 

The learning process set out in schools relies heavily upon the logical left brain, whilst this is essential for kids to develop, they also need to continually stimulate their right brain. This is the creative side, where imagination, creative problem solving, and innovation can shine through. Encourage your child’s creativity as much as possible. The world is evolving to need more creative thinkers, people who can see things from different perspectives and can imagine and create progressive change.

    2. Let them follow their interests 

Whilst the school system may be outdated, it does still offer a range of subjects that allow your kids to explore things that interest them. Let them try it all and encourage them to authentically choose what they enjoy. Also, give them the freedom to change their mind if they realise something isn’t for them. Life is about variety and trying new things, so you can find what you enjoy. Don’t stifle their experience of school by making them fit into a box and not be true to what authentically interests them. They are far more likely to find happiness day to day if they are enjoying what they are doing, and its sets them up to follow their authentic passions later in life (so they aren’t just doing things to meet expectations or please others)

   3. Let them PLAY!!

Recent studies have found that kids who grow up in play-based environments develop a stronger sense of mental wellbeing later in life. When children are playing with others, they are learning lessons of emotional intelligence. Through play they learn how to share and connect with others, how to stand up for themselves and others, how to understand other people’s feelings and so much more. It’s these life lessons that teach children compassion, respect, resilience, communication and problem solving skills. Whilst it’s great to have your kids complete their homework, don’t let it be at the cost of them having a great time playing! 

Also, make sure you hear your child laugh every single day! Laughter and a sense of humour is something you never want your child to lose their connection to.

   4. Help them handle the expectations 

It seems kids are becoming more and more stressed by expectations and the desire to do well, so they can have a successful future. The amount of comparison our kids now feel from a young age is HUGE, especially if they are exposed to social media and the constant messaging of this world that they need to achieve huge success and create wealth so they can feel worthy.

Help them understand that their true self worth comes from within. No level of external success, praise or material possessions will fulfil them like living an authentic, fun, creative life will.

A powerful way to encourage play, creativity, stress relief and deep self-love from a young age is through yoga. And a bonus, if you practice yoga with your kids, it’s also a great way to build a strong connection with them. Practicing yoga is to be in the moment, and what our kids crave most from us aside from our love, is our time and attention.

So yes, your kids are unfortunately being educated by an outdated system, but with some simple support and encouragement from you, they can still be on their way to an amazing adult life.

Written by Julie Temple, Author of Secrets For Little Souls 

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