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It all begins on the mat...

It’s the magical space where confidence, self- love and inner wisdom flourish.

When you empower your kids with a yoga and meditation practice, you lay the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing.

Let our eco friendly, chemical-free mats be the first step on their journey

Natalie Jade Collaboration

Our newest collection of Adult and Kids Yoga mats that have been created in collaboration with Indigenous Australian artist Natalie Jade  🤍

There is something incredibly magical about Natalie Jade's work, you get a strong sense of peace and healing through her intuitive art. We have admired Natalie Jade's work for quite some time and feel deeply drawn to her artworks and her use of colour, particularly her pink, aqua and golden tones.

We feel incredibly honoured to be able to bring Natalie Jade's artwork to our yoga mats. We are sure you and your little ones are going to love connecting with them during your practice. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

new arrival

Nurturing Your Family With Yoga by Dr Kiki Morriss

An A-Z of yoga poses, meditations, breathing and games for the whole family

Customer Reviews

Rainbow Kids Yoga Mat

I bought this for my granddaughters 8th birthday and she was most delighted with the mat and said it was her favourite present. Also to add this company was fantastic in responding back to me in regards to my shipping.Such a fantastic experience

Highly recommended

If you're looking for a new quality yoga mat, look no further. I love the timeless design and the quality of my new sunchild yoga mat. Practising yoga with this mat has made it so much more enjoyable. Moving and transitioning on this smooth mat feels absolutely amazing. Highly recommended.

Beautiful Rainbow Yoga Mat!

Thank you Sunchildyogi! my daughter loves her yoga mat, and the entire family too! Now we share our yoga mornings rituals with a beautiful Rainbow and very easy to clean after being used by earthy feet.